Boy’s Uniform.

  • Navy V-necked Jumper
  • Navy trousers.
  • White shirt.
  • Red tie.
  • P.E. Gear.
  • Boys & Girls.
  • Plain navy tracksuit legs.
  • Plain navy round-neck tracksuit top.
  • White polo shirt.
  • Runners.
  • Older pupils require football boots.

Girl’s Uniform.

  • Navy V-necked jumper and /or navy cardigan. Pinafore for downstairs classroom.
  • Skirt for upstairs classroom.
  • White shirt.
  • Red tie.
  • Navy tights or navy knee socks.

More Details

It is recommended that the girls wear a jumper, but those who choose  to wear a pinafore may wear a cardigan over it instead. Dark runners or shoes suit the uniform best.

Burgess’, Athlone, Ph: 090-6472005  are the main supplier of the uniform, and all skirts, pinafores and ties must be purchased from them, the rest of the uniform  may be bought in Dunnes, or Penny’s etc.


The school crest (reusable) are available in the school at €7.00 each, which need to be hand-stitched on to the left-hand side of the jumper of cardigan. Singers, in Athlone, will machine the crest (non-reusable)  straight onto the jumper of cardigan @ €7 a time. It is important  that the child’s name is written on the uniform.


Physical Education is an important element of the Revised Curriculum. Our pupils currently have access to swimming and Gaelic football couching as well as other activities organised by the class teacher. Dunne’s Stored usually have plain navy tracksuit legs and tops (which can be purchased separately) and white polo shirts which would be very suitable.