What is the Someone Like Me Art Competition All About?

The Someone Like Me Art Competition for primary schools was organised by the Department of Justice and Equality as a way of developing children’s understanding of disabilities and to help them celebrate the aspects that make them and their classmates unique. The initiative is supported by the National Disability Authority and is aimed at promoting inclusiveness and positive attitudes towards disability in schools.
Drumraney N.S.is ‘a small school with a big heart’. We are always keen to participate in the Someone Like Me project because we are an inclusive school where the participation and opinions of all pupils are valued.
In addition to completing the relevant lesson and resource sheets available on the Someone Like Me website, our Junior and Senior classes explored this topic in more detail by carrying out other discussions and activities in this area.  The children were encouraged to consider other people’s feelings and to treat others the way they would like to be treated themselves. We discussed how we each have unique personality traits, qualities, strengths, limitations, interests and abilities but that we all have an equally valid and important contribution to make to our school and the wider world.
As part of the Someone Like Me competition each year, the children explore and discuss these topics in depth and creatively express what they have learned through a collaborative art project.
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