ICT in Drumraney N.S.

Computer Room


ICT - infants

Here is a list of some of the free online activities that the children do during ICT time in school.
These games and activities support their learning across a wide variety of curricular areas and are a fun way to reinforce their schoolwork at home.

You may encounter some difficulties opening some of the links on your phones/tablets/Macs but most should work fine on any Windows laptop or PC.

Junior Room – Literacy
Feed Freddy
Letter Fall
Starfall: ABCs
Starfall: Learn to Read

Junior Room – Numeracy
Fruit Fall
Balloon Pop
Lily Pads
How Many Seeds?
Match the Seeds
Race Order
Left-Right Race
Make 10

Cracking Maths – Junior Infants
Cracking Maths – Senior Infants
Cracking Maths – 1st Class
Cracking Maths – 2nd Class

Junior Room – Other
Butterfly Matching
Matching Pairs
Visual Memory
Spot the Difference
Online Colouring – Fish
Jigsaw Puzzle – Butterfly
Jigsaw Puzzle – Nemo
Picture Search 1

ICT - seniors

Senior Room – Literacy
Crossword Challenge
Posters, Newspapers and Comics

Senior Room – Numeracy
Multiplication Race
Fraction Flags – halves and quarters
Fraction Flags – thirds
Cracking Maths – 3rd Class
Cracking Maths – 4th Class
Cracking Maths – 5th Class
Cracking Maths – 6th Class

Senior Room – Other

ICT - middle

The youth of today are growing up in a digital world where technology is becoming an increasingly important part of their everyday lives. It is expected that this trend will continue, to the extent that technological literacy will become a functional requirement for both their professional and social lives.

The Primary School Curriculum promotes the use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning across all areas of the curriculum.

Our aim in Drumraney N.S. is to help the children to learn how to use ICT confidently and effectively so that they can benefit from the wide array of learning opportunities offered by modern technology and the Internet.

Note: Despite the vast range of opportunities provided by the use of technology, parents and teachers need to be mindful of the risks/challenges involved. We have a duty of care to help our children/students to use new digital technologies in a safe and responsible way. We need to teach our children/students how to be safe online and we need to reinforce internet safety warnings with them regularly. We endeavour to be involved in a monitoring process, whenever and wherever they are online.