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What is the Super Troopers programme all about?


The Super Troopers programme encourages children and their families to live happier and more active lifestyles. Through short burst, fun daily activities around physical activity, wellbeing and nutrition, this programme helps to promote healthy minds and bodies.

In consultation with teachers and a team of experts in the areas of psychology, nutrition, wellbeing and physical activity, Laya Healthcare has created this programme  to help encourage children and their families and teachers to get more active!
In the Family Zone section of the website, parents can find information on physical activity, nutrition and wellbeing and additional activities for kids of all ages which will keep busy and entertained all year long. The Teacher Zone suggests lots of fun activity ideas for the classroom and for homework.
We really enjoyed teaching our Super Troopers all about physical activity, nutrition and wellbeing and we’re really glad we participated in and completed this programme.