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Active School

Active School

What is an Active School?

An Active School is a school that strives to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. The Success Criteria will guide schools in terms of the ASF requirements and the Sample Improvements will show schools what others have done to achieve the flag.

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Our Sensory Rooms

We’re very lucky that our spacious school building has allowed us to set up two Sensory Rooms; one adjoining each of our two classrooms.
Having worked with several occupational therapists and other specialised educational professionals over the years, we made it our mission to provide more opportunities for multi-sensory learning in our school.
The Sensory Room is a relaxing, yet stimulating, learning environment. The wide range of activities and resources we have included in our Sensory Rooms can help to develop a variety of sensory and developmental skills. Children of all ages and abilities can benefit from these activities which aim to develop their fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, self-regulation, oral language etc. The children love getting the opportunity to go out to the Sensory Room to learn and practise these skills in a fun and hands-on way.

Sensory Room 1

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Summer Holidays 2018

Thank you to all the parents and extended family members who joined us today for our awards ceremony and end of year celebrations. It’s hard to believe that yet another school year has slipped by. We wish you all the very best for the summer holidays and we’ll look forward to seeing you all again in September.

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On this day each year, the children have the opportunity to bring in one toy from home to play with during school. It’s always interesting to see what special toys they choose to bring in to show their friends.
It’s incredible, although not surprising, to see how their favourite toys seem to have changed so much in recent years. Luckily the children engage in a wide range of physical and more sociable activities during break times on every other day of the school year!

School Tour 2018

We all had such a fabulous day today at our ‘Let’s Go!’ school tour in Athlone IT.
The weather was fabulous and there was such a wide range of fun activities for children of all ages and abilities. They were smiling from ear to ear all day and, needless to say, very tired going home after their very eventful day.

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Sports Day 2018

Well done to all the children who participated in the many different activities of this year’s Sports Day. The focus of our Sports Day is never just about running fast or winning. Sports Day is a fun way to teach the kids about teamwork, healthy competition, accepting defeat, fair play and the true spirit of sportsmanship. It was truly heartwarming to hear them encouraging and cheering on, not only their fellow athletes and teammates, but also their opponents. Well done to everyone!

Sports Day (1) Sports Day (2) Sports Day (3) Sports Day (4) Sports Day (5) Sports Day (6) Sports Day (7) Sports Day (8) Sports Day (9) Sports Day (10) Sports Day (11) Sports Day (12) Sports Day (13) Sports Day (14) Sports Day (15) Sports Day (16) Sports Day (17) Sports Day (18) Sports Day (19) Sports Day (20) Sports Day (21) Sports Day (22) Sports Day (23) Sports Day (24) Sports Day (25) Sports Day (26) Sports Day (27) Sports Day (28)

Active Schools Week 2018

Active School Week 2018 took place from 23rd–27th April. This initiative is about providing FUN and INCLUSIVE physical activity opportunities for ALL members of the school community. It helps to reinforce the message that not only is physical activity good for you, but it’s also lots of fun!

We enjoyed extra activity time outside each day during the week and on Friday we were allowed to wear our tracksuits for our whole-school Fun Day of obstacles courses and relay races. We’re really looking forward to our Sports Day on Thursday 21st June now!

Our school is hoping to be awarded with an Active School Flag (ASF) later this year. In order to achieve this, we’re making every effort possible to be more active, more often.

The ASF is a Department of Education and Skills initiative supported by Healthy Ireland.

For more information on the Active School Flag or Active Schools Week please visit:


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