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The Dare to Believe Olympic Schools Programme

The kids were very excited to meet Gráinne Walsh today. Gráinne, a boxer and European Bronze Medallist from Offaly, is one of the ambassadors of The Dare to Believe Olympic Schools Programme. This programme aims to promote the benefits and wider values of sport to children by some of Ireland’s best known and most accomplished athletes. The children engaged in a variety of fun and interactive activities based on the following five themes or ‘rings’:
– Olympism and Paralympism,
– Healthy Mind and Body,
– Joy of Effort and Courage,
– Respect, Responsibility and Equality and
– Striving for Excellence.
Gráinne told the children all about her journey in sport and what it takes and what it’s like to be a high-performance athlete.
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Fit Squad

The children (and teachers) really enjoyed their morning workout with the Fyffes Fit Squad this morning. Why not try a few of the ‘Zoo Moves’ they learned at home?
Fyffes Fit Squad (8)


Fyffes Fit Squad (1) Fyffes Fit Squad (2) Fyffes Fit Squad (3) Fyffes Fit Squad (4) Fyffes Fit Squad (5) Fyffes Fit Squad (6) Fyffes Fit Squad (7)

Thank you to Fit Squad for the intensive workout today and for the key-rings and fresh bananas we were given afterwards. We can’t wait to see how many of you try out the Banana & Strawberry Smoothie at home.

Fyffes Fit Squad (9)

Hula Hooping (#ASW19)

Children and adults around the world have played with hula hoops for centuries. Here at Drumraney N.S., the children have been experimenting with and trying to reinvent the classic hula hoop. They never tire of trying to master the skill of spinning the hoop around their waist/arm/leg/neck or skipping with the hoop but they love nothing more than trying to think up new and creative tricks to try with the hoop.

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Tug of War (#ASW19)

The Irish Tug of War Association has recently partnered up with Active School Flag (ASF) initiative.
As part of this collaboration, they have been running a school development program in participating schools around the country.

Today we had a visit from Cathy Sheerin who gave us a demonstration on how to pull tug of war. After the demonstration she presented the school with a junior rope to use with the children in our own time.

Tug of war is a non-contact sport where team work is far more important than any one individual and where every member of the team is equal. It is a fun and accessible team sport for children of all ages and abilities. It was great to introduce the children to an exciting new sport while they are at an age where they are trying out new sports and hobbies.

Tug of War (1)

Tug of War (2) Tug of War (3) Tug of War (4)Tug of War (5) Tug of War (6) Tug of War (7) Tug of War (8) Tug of War (9) Tug of War (10) Tug of War (11)