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Pancake Tuesday

We had lots of fun on Pancake Tuesday. We incorporated our skill of procedural writing to create a recipe for making pancakes. Every class got the opportunity to make a pancake and decorate it with their favourite toppings. Yummy!

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World Book Day

We celebrated World Book day on Thursday 7th March. The children dressed as their favourite literary character. The children did a number of activities on the day including word searches, creating our own bookmarks, a book fair and a fashion show.

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75” Clevertouch Plus

Our new 75” Clevertouch Plus interactive touchscreen display is an amazing addition to our school. This type of touchscreen display is far superior to the traditional projector-type interactive whiteboards that are used in most Irish classrooms.

This android device, with its stunning 4K Ultra HD display, is fully interactive and immediately captures the imagination and interest of every student. The simple user interface ensures that pupils of any age, most of whom are already so familiar with tablets and smartphones, can immediately engage with the Clevertouch Plus. With features such as full internet access, wireless projection, USB connection and 20-point touch, the educational opportunities are endless!

The Clevertouch Plus is built specifically for education and comes with full access to all the innovative software and educational apps available on the Cleverstore (the only cost-free and advert-free educational app store). The range of content and activities available covers all subject areas, for all age groups, and provides many exciting new opportunities for teaching and learning.

This interactive touchscreen is currently the pinnacle of the Clevertouch Plus Series, in both size and capabilities, which guarantees it will remain at the fore-front of educational technology for many years to come.








Procedural Writing

The children have been practising their Procedural Writing skills of late.
Procedural Writing is a writing genre where you have to explain how something is done, in a series of sequenced steps i.e. writing step-by-step instructions how to complete a task.

Writing instructions on how to play your favourite game or writing a simple recipe are great ways to practise procedural writing.

Today the children had to type a list of instructions on how to make a cup of tea and how to make a slice of toast. Needless to say, the practical activities of actually doing it, and enjoying a cooled cup of tea and a nice slice of toast, really helped them to understand how important correct sequencing and concise wording is, when it comes to procedural writing.

Tea and Toast (1) Tea and Toast (2) Tea and Toast (3) Tea and Toast (4)

Pancake Tuesday

The children had great fun on Pancake Tuesday preparing, cooking and eating their delicious pancakes.
Cooking is not only a fun, engaging activity for children, but is also an important development tool for all ages.
Measuring out ingredients is a practical way of learning about weight and capacity in Maths.
As they follow a recipe, children organise ingredients, follow a sequence, and carry out multiple directions. Cooking is a great way to develop practical life skills.
The children also learned about the tradition behind Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday i.e. that on the day before Lent begins, Christian families would use up all their eggs, butter, milk and flour in one dish, before fasting for Lent.
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