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Fit Squad

The children (and teachers) really enjoyed their morning workout with the Fyffes Fit Squad this morning. Why not try a few of the ‘Zoo Moves’ they learned at home?
Fyffes Fit Squad (8)


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Thank you to Fit Squad for the intensive workout today and for the key-rings and fresh bananas we were given afterwards. We can’t wait to see how many of you try out the Banana & Strawberry Smoothie at home.

Fyffes Fit Squad (9)


The Healthy Heroes Lunch Club is a lunchtime club for  pupils who set up lunchtime activities for their classmates and the younger classes. During lunch, the club meets to eat together and talk about nutrition informally through teacher led discussion. The children then take over to run the activities building on those suggested and developing their own club games.

This programme will help to encourage children to change their eating habits, to educate them about nutrition and boost their activity levels at lunchtime, all whilst having lots of fun.
By involving children in the Healthy Heroes Lunch Club, it ensures that they will learn lots about nutrition and the importance of staying active, and we hope that they share their excitement and vital nutritional messages with their families and friends.


Lá Glas

We celebrated St Patrick’s Day in our school on Thursday. We had lots of fun events that day including word searches, colouring and dancing. We also got to learn to sing the song Shotgun as Gaeilge. We all dressed in green on the day.

la glas 2pancakes

Pancake Tuesday

We had lots of fun on Pancake Tuesday. We incorporated our skill of procedural writing to create a recipe for making pancakes. Every class got the opportunity to make a pancake and decorate it with their favourite toppings. Yummy!

pancakes seanpancakes liampancakes gracepancakes 3