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Summer Holidays 2018

Thank you to all the parents and extended family members who joined us today for our awards ceremony and end of year celebrations. It’s hard to believe that yet another school year has slipped by. We wish you all the very best for the summer holidays and we’ll look forward to seeing you all again in September.

Last day of school 5Last day of school 4 Last day of school 1 Last day of school 2 Last day of school 3

On this day each year, the children have the opportunity to bring in one toy from home to play with during school. It’s always interesting to see what special toys they choose to bring in to show their friends.
It’s incredible, although not surprising, to see how their favourite toys seem to have changed so much in recent years. Luckily the children engage in a wide range of physical and more sociable activities during break times on every other day of the school year!

75” Clevertouch Plus

Our new 75” Clevertouch Plus interactive touchscreen display is an amazing addition to our school. This type of touchscreen display is far superior to the traditional projector-type interactive whiteboards that are used in most Irish classrooms.

This android device, with its stunning 4K Ultra HD display, is fully interactive and immediately captures the imagination and interest of every student. The simple user interface ensures that pupils of any age, most of whom are already so familiar with tablets and smartphones, can immediately engage with the Clevertouch Plus. With features such as full internet access, wireless projection, USB connection and 20-point touch, the educational opportunities are endless!

The Clevertouch Plus is built specifically for education and comes with full access to all the innovative software and educational apps available on the Cleverstore (the only cost-free and advert-free educational app store). The range of content and activities available covers all subject areas, for all age groups, and provides many exciting new opportunities for teaching and learning.

This interactive touchscreen is currently the pinnacle of the Clevertouch Plus Series, in both size and capabilities, which guarantees it will remain at the fore-front of educational technology for many years to come.








End of Year Awards

Today, to finish the school year off on a high, we organised and award ceremony and presented the children with some of the plaques, certificates, flags and various awards which they had managed to secure for the school during this school year.

First, was our Plaque of STEM Excellence from the Science Foundation Ireland. Participating in the SFI Discover Primary Science and Maths awards programme has helped to raise the profile of science within the school. It has also provided a structured framework for developing STEAM work (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) thoughout the school.


Next up, was our Blue Star Programme certificate. The Blue Star Programme is an education initiative for primary schools aimed at fostering a better understanding and knowledge of the European Union and how it can affect the lives of Irish citizens.

IMG-20170702-WA0008Next, was our Digital School of Distinction Award. This nationally recognised award gives us recognition for our commitment to developing the use of ICT across all curriculum areas.

Digital Schools of Distinction Award

Lastly, was our Green-Schools flag for Biodiversity. Biodiversity is the fifth Green-Schools theme. As we explored this theme, we became more aware of the importance of native plants, animals and habitats and we looked at steps which can be taken to increase biodiversity in our locality.

Green Schools Award (3)

Well done to all our pupils for participating in so many educational initiatives this year and for getting the recognition they deserve for all their hard work and dedication.

As always, we have enjoyed teaching you all during this school year and we look forward to seeing you all again in September.

Wishing you all a safe and very happy summer holiday!

Digital School of Distinction Award

We are delighted to announce that following our validation visit on 28/04/2017, Drumraney N.S. has received the nationally recognised Digital School of Distinction Award.

Well done to the pupils and staff who were involved in completing the 3 step validation programme which has helped to recognise our continuing commitment to developing the use of ICT, across all curriculum areas. Here at Drumraney N.S., we always strive to make the necessary ICT equipment and resources available to pupils and staff and we are always looking ahead in a bid to keep up with the most recent advances in ICT for education.

The Digital Schools of Distinction programme aims to promote, recognise and encourage excellence in the use of technology in primary schools. To find out more about the benefits of being part of the community of digital schools in Ireland you can check out the Digital Schools website.
Digital Schools of Distinction Logo

ICT in Drumraney N.S.

Computer Room


ICT - infants

Here is a list of some of the free online activities that the children do during ICT time in school.
These games and activities support their learning across a wide variety of curricular areas and are a fun way to reinforce their schoolwork at home.

You may encounter some difficulties opening some of the links on your phones/tablets/Macs but most should work fine on any Windows laptop or PC.

Junior Room – Literacy
Feed Freddy
Letter Fall
Starfall: ABCs
Starfall: Learn to Read

Junior Room – Numeracy
Fruit Fall
Balloon Pop
Lily Pads
How Many Seeds?
Match the Seeds
Race Order
Left-Right Race
Make 10

Cracking Maths – Junior Infants
Cracking Maths – Senior Infants
Cracking Maths – 1st Class
Cracking Maths – 2nd Class

Junior Room – Other
Butterfly Matching
Matching Pairs
Visual Memory
Spot the Difference
Online Colouring – Fish
Jigsaw Puzzle – Butterfly
Jigsaw Puzzle – Nemo
Picture Search 1

ICT - seniors

Senior Room – Literacy
Crossword Challenge
Posters, Newspapers and Comics

Senior Room – Numeracy
Multiplication Race
Fraction Flags – halves and quarters
Fraction Flags – thirds
Cracking Maths – 3rd Class
Cracking Maths – 4th Class
Cracking Maths – 5th Class
Cracking Maths – 6th Class

Senior Room – Other

ICT - middle

The youth of today are growing up in a digital world where technology is becoming an increasingly important part of their everyday lives. It is expected that this trend will continue, to the extent that technological literacy will become a functional requirement for both their professional and social lives.

The Primary School Curriculum promotes the use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning across all areas of the curriculum.

Our aim in Drumraney N.S. is to help the children to learn how to use ICT confidently and effectively so that they can benefit from the wide array of learning opportunities offered by modern technology and the Internet.

Note: Despite the vast range of opportunities provided by the use of technology, parents and teachers need to be mindful of the risks/challenges involved. We have a duty of care to help our children/students to use new digital technologies in a safe and responsible way. We need to teach our children/students how to be safe online and we need to reinforce internet safety warnings with them regularly. We endeavour to be involved in a monitoring process, whenever and wherever they are online.