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What is a Health Promoting School?

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“A health promoting school is one that constantly strengthens its capacity as a healthy setting for living, learning and working.”  (The World Health Organisation’s Global School Health Initiative)

In Ireland, the Health Promoting Schools Framework is underpinned by the Health Service Executive’s Strategic Framework for Health Promotion (2011) and is part of the Schools for Health in Europe Network. This strategy now comes under the title Schools for Health in Ireland.

With the HPS concept, ‘health’ refers to all aspects of health and well-being including physical, social, emotional, mental, spiritual, and cognitive health. It is a whole-school approach involving students, parents, staff and the wider community.

Ms. Galvin was the Lead Coordinator of the programme and worked closely with the Schools Health Promotion Officer to assess the health needs of our school community and to begin the process of working towards better health for all who learn and work within the school setting. This is an ongoing process, with no single end-point to the HPS programme, which helps ensure that participating schools continue to reflect on, sustain, and build on earlier work in the area of health and well-being.

Our school is due to gain public recognition as a Health Promoting School for our involvement in the scheme and for our continuing commitment to the Health Promotion process.

The Dare to Believe Olympic Schools Programme

The kids were very excited to meet Gráinne Walsh today. Gráinne, a boxer and European Bronze Medallist from Offaly, is one of the ambassadors of The Dare to Believe Olympic Schools Programme. This programme aims to promote the benefits and wider values of sport to children by some of Ireland’s best known and most accomplished athletes. The children engaged in a variety of fun and interactive activities based on the following five themes or ‘rings’:
– Olympism and Paralympism,
– Healthy Mind and Body,
– Joy of Effort and Courage,
– Respect, Responsibility and Equality and
– Striving for Excellence.
Gráinne told the children all about her journey in sport and what it takes and what it’s like to be a high-performance athlete.
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A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

On Wednesday 19th December the Tooth Fairy visited our school. She told us all about how to take care of our teeth. Here are some of the interesting facts we learned.

  • Brush your teeth well twice a day – after breakfast and last thing before going to bed. Don’t have anything to eat or drink after you have cleaned your teeth before going to bed. Drinking water is ok.
  • Use fluoride  toothpaste. From 6 years of age you can use adult toothpaste, but make sure you spit it out when you have finished cleaning your teeth. Children under 6 need to use a special children’s toothpaste.
  • Gently and thoroughly brush each side of every tooth and the gums. It should take about 2 minutes. tooth fairy


RINKA Workshop (#ASW19)

The children really enjoyed their RINKA session this week. RINKA classes offer an alternative approach to developing fitness because there is no element of competition whatsoever. They do not focus on the fastest runner or strongest footballer but rather encourage each child to develop at their own pace.
They focus on making fitness fun for all, not just for the children who love sport already. The children also learned about the importance of healthy diets and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Children, remember to…











RINKA (10)

RINKA (11)



The Healthy Heroes Lunch Club is a lunchtime club for  pupils who set up lunchtime activities for their classmates and the younger classes. During lunch, the club meets to eat together and talk about nutrition informally through teacher led discussion. The children then take over to run the activities building on those suggested and developing their own club games.

This programme will help to encourage children to change their eating habits, to educate them about nutrition and boost their activity levels at lunchtime, all whilst having lots of fun.
By involving children in the Healthy Heroes Lunch Club, it ensures that they will learn lots about nutrition and the importance of staying active, and we hope that they share their excitement and vital nutritional messages with their families and friends.



Mrs Galvin has introduced our classes to yoga.The children really enjoyed  the class. It includes poses to increase strength, flexibility, and coordination.


Cooking All Stars

We have completed our programme of Cooking All Stars. The children and staff really enjoyed the programme. We incorporated a lot of different areas of the curriculum including SPHE, Science and procedural writing in English.The children are continuing to practise all the recipes they learned in school and are using the skills they learned to try new recipes at all stars