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What is the SuperValu Cooking All Stars Programme?

The SuperValu Cooking All Stars Programme was carefully designed by a panel of nutritionists, chefs and teachers to teach primary school children the crucial life skill of cooking to help ensure that the next generation will be healthier and more confident in the kitchen.

The Cooking All Stars programme comprises of four lessons about food and cooking and four corresponding practical cooking lessons for the children to enjoy. The lessons and activities relate to the ‘Food and Nutrition’ strand of the SPHE curriculum while also providing opportunities for cross-curricular learning in English, Maths, Geography and Science.
Prior to the programme being run in class, facilitators visited our school to run a workshop with the teachers. They also provided us with some of the basic cooking utensils, classroom activity sheets and a selection of recipes.
Drumraney N.S. has successfully completed the Cooking All-Stars programme and everyone enjoyed the practical cooking lessons. Why not try some of the Cooking All Stars recipes at home!

Cooking All Stars

We have completed our programme of Cooking All Stars. The children and staff really enjoyed the programme. We incorporated a lot of different areas of the curriculum including SPHE, Science and procedural writing in English.The children are continuing to practise all the recipes they learned in school and are using the skills they learned to try new recipes at all stars


Cooking All Stars

We are so lucky to have been chosen as one of the fifty pilot schools for SuperValu Cooking All Stars.

The SuperValu Cooking All-Stars will give children the confidence to safely handle tricky and precarious tasks like preparing vegetables and safely cooking healthy recipes like scrambled eggs, banana pancakes and even a delicious quesadilla.

We are learning about procedural writing, the food pyramid and healthy eating as part of the Cooking All Stars programme.

Watch out Neven Maguire!

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