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RINKA Workshop (#ASW19)

The children really enjoyed their RINKA session this week. RINKA classes offer an alternative approach to developing fitness because there is no element of competition whatsoever. They do not focus on the fastest runner or strongest footballer but rather encourage each child to develop at their own pace.
They focus on making fitness fun for all, not just for the children who love sport already. The children also learned about the importance of healthy diets and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Children, remember to…











RINKA (10)

RINKA (11)


Lá Glas

We celebrated St Patrick’s Day in our school on Thursday. We had lots of fun events that day including word searches, colouring and dancing. We also got to learn to sing the song Shotgun as Gaeilge. We all dressed in green on the day.

la glas 2pancakes

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book day on Thursday 7th March. The children dressed as their favourite literary character. The children did a number of activities on the day including word searches, creating our own bookmarks, a book fair and a fashion show.

everuthworld book dayisaac

Luan Art Gallery

On Friday we visited Luan art Gallery .We saw paintings by the Mullingar artist Eoin Butler. As a native of Mullingar ,his homeland shaped and inspired his body of work as many of his paintings refer to the woodlands of Lough Ennell. The children were really inspired by the artists work.caoimhe chloe luan y kitty eve luan 2 y

Carol Singing Golden Island.

On Friday 14th of December we were carol singing in Golden Island shopping centre. The school brass band played and afterwards we enjoyed pizza in Supermacs. We also raised the much needed funds for our fantastic smart boards.Well done everyone.Thank you to all who supported us .

carol singing


Christmas Concert 2018

On Wednesday 12th December we had our Christmas concert in Drumraney church.The children performed the play  “Keeping Mr Inn in the Inn”. It was a resounding success. Afterwards the children sang a selection of Christmas carols and the school brass band played. Well done to all our pupils.

christmas conert

Our Sensory Rooms

We’re very lucky that our spacious school building has allowed us to set up two Sensory Rooms; one adjoining each of our two classrooms.
Having worked with several occupational therapists and other specialised educational professionals over the years, we made it our mission to provide more opportunities for multi-sensory learning in our school.
The Sensory Room is a relaxing, yet stimulating, learning environment. The wide range of activities and resources we have included in our Sensory Rooms can help to develop a variety of sensory and developmental skills. Children of all ages and abilities can benefit from these activities which aim to develop their fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, self-regulation, oral language etc. The children love getting the opportunity to go out to the Sensory Room to learn and practise these skills in a fun and hands-on way.

Sensory Room 1

Sensory Room 2 Sensory Room 3 Sensory Room 4 Sensory Room 5 Sensory Room 6