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Active Schools Flag

2017 has been a very active year so far in Drumraney N.S.
Since our full participation in the events of Operation Transformation, we have continued to maintain high levels of physical activity during each school day. We have started running ‘The Daily Mile’ each morning which is a 15 minute burst of activity to start the school day.
We have also applied for the Active School Flag (ASF) initiative which is being run by the Department of Education and is supported by Healthy Ireland. An Active School Flag is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community.
Schools wishing to be awarded an ASF must organise an Active School Week. We have decided to hold ours from the 24th-28th April this year. Looking forward to all the activities already!!!

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Active School Flag

The Daily Mile

Healthy Ireland

Pancake Tuesday

The children had great fun on Pancake Tuesday preparing, cooking and eating their delicious pancakes.
Cooking is not only a fun, engaging activity for children, but is also an important development tool for all ages.
Measuring out ingredients is a practical way of learning about weight and capacity in Maths.
As they follow a recipe, children organise ingredients, follow a sequence, and carry out multiple directions. Cooking is a great way to develop practical life skills.
The children also learned about the tradition behind Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday i.e. that on the day before Lent begins, Christian families would use up all their eggs, butter, milk and flour in one dish, before fasting for Lent.
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Pancakes by Filip Pancakes by Killian

World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd March we celebrated World Book Day which is aimed at promoting the enjoyment of books and reading. The children were able to dress up as a character from their favourite book. We also hosted a Book Swap Party where the children were allowed to bring in old books from home and could swap them to take other books home in their place. The children had a great day discussing their favourite books and characters and everyone went home with a new book to read.




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Green-Schools: Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the fifth Green-Schools theme.

As we explored this theme, we became more aware of the importance of native plants, animals and habitats and we looked at steps which can be taken to increase biodiversity in our locality.

We learned about different species of plants and animals; some that are native to Ireland and some that are non-native or ‘alien’. We learned how some invasive species can impact on our biodiversity because they sometimes spread too quickly and can endanger our native species as a result.

We also learned about various habitats and ecosystems and what we can do to help preserve and enhance them in our local environment.

As part of our schoolwide project on biodiversity, we created a wonderful ‘Bug Hotel’.
Check out the photos below!

Well done to our Green-Schools Committee for all their hard work and dedication!

logoGreen-Schools Ireland: Biodiversity

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Peace Proms 2017

Due to the success of Peace Proms in previous years, we have decided to get the children involved again this year.

Below are the songs the children will be singing for Peace Proms 2017.
Please encourage your children to listen to the songs at home.

We will be attending the Peace Proms Concert in the University of Limerick Sports Centre, on Sunday 5th March at 2pm. It’s expected that the performance should finish around 4.20pm.

Feel free to come along and support them on the day – it really is such a special day for the children.
Please enquire about tickets from the school office.

Annie Medley

Best Day of my Life

Disney Medley

Heal the World

Ireland’s Call

Pop Medley

Together We Are One

You’re the Voice