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Pizza Party

One of the main highlights of each school year for the kids is our annual Pizza Party.
This special treat is our way of acknowledging and saying thank you to the children for all their hard work and good behaviour throughout the school year. We’re very proud them all!

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Sports Day 2018

Well done to all the children who participated in the many different activities of this year’s Sports Day. The focus of our Sports Day is never just about running fast or winning. Sports Day is a fun way to teach the kids about teamwork, healthy competition, accepting defeat, fair play and the true spirit of sportsmanship. It was truly heartwarming to hear them encouraging and cheering on, not only their fellow athletes and teammates, but also their opponents. Well done to everyone!

Sports Day (1) Sports Day (2) Sports Day (3) Sports Day (4) Sports Day (5) Sports Day (6) Sports Day (7) Sports Day (8) Sports Day (9) Sports Day (10) Sports Day (11) Sports Day (12) Sports Day (13) Sports Day (14) Sports Day (15) Sports Day (16) Sports Day (17) Sports Day (18) Sports Day (19) Sports Day (20) Sports Day (21) Sports Day (22) Sports Day (23) Sports Day (24) Sports Day (25) Sports Day (26) Sports Day (27) Sports Day (28)

Mairead McGuinness’ Visit 2018

We all had a great day today during Mairead’s visit.
The children really did us proud with their presentation on Belgium.
Mairead was also very impressed by the tunes they played on the trumpet.
As always, their favourite part of all was when the ice-cream van came after our awards ceremony.

Mairéad McGuinness 1 Mairéad McGuinness 2 Mairéad McGuinness 3 Mairéad McGuinness 4 Mairéad McGuinness 5 Mairéad McGuinness 6 Mairéad McGuinness 7 Mairéad McGuinness 8 Mairéad McGuinness 9 Mairéad McGuinness 10 Mairéad McGuinness 11 Mairéad McGuinness 12 Mairéad McGuinness 13 Mairéad McGuinness 14 Mairéad McGuinness 15 Mairéad McGuinness 16 Mairéad McGuinness 17 Mairéad McGuinness 18 Mairéad McGuinness 19 Mairéad McGuinness 20 Mairéad McGuinness 21 Mairéad McGuinness 22 Mairéad McGuinness 23 Mairéad McGuinness 24 Mairéad McGuinness 25 Mairéad McGuinness 26 Mairéad McGuinness 27 Mairéad McGuinness 28 Mairéad McGuinness 29 Mairéad McGuinness 30

Blue Star 5-Year Achievement Award

On Wednesday, 9th May, Drumraney N.S. was one of three schools in the country to be presented with a Blue Star 5-Year Achievement Award. The award was presented by Helen McEntee TD, Minister of State for European Affairs. The ceremony took place in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham and the children were later featured on News2Day programme on RTE.

The children presented their Blue Star projects on the day to over two hundred attendees including Ministers, TDs, Ambassadors and MEPs.

The children, staff and Helen McEntee TD gathered in the courtyard of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham to participate in ‘A Handshake for Europe’ to celebrate Europe Day.

Well done to the pupils and staff of Drumraney N.S. on their tremendous achievement.

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Blue Star 5-Year Achievement Award

In order to acknowledge our ongoing participation in the Blue Star Programme, over the past five years, the programme’s organisers have invited us to a very special event in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham on Europe Day, Wednesday 9th May.

We are all so excited about our trip to Dublin and we look forward to celebrating Europe Day and our 5-Year Achievement Award in style!

For more information, check out the following pages:
Drumraney N.S. – Blue Star Programme
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5 Year Achievement Award


Blue Star

Blue Star - highlighted

Active Schools Week 2018

Active School Week 2018 took place from 23rd–27th April. This initiative is about providing FUN and INCLUSIVE physical activity opportunities for ALL members of the school community. It helps to reinforce the message that not only is physical activity good for you, but it’s also lots of fun!

We enjoyed extra activity time outside each day during the week and on Friday we were allowed to wear our tracksuits for our whole-school Fun Day of obstacles courses and relay races. We’re really looking forward to our Sports Day on Thursday 21st June now!

Our school is hoping to be awarded with an Active School Flag (ASF) later this year. In order to achieve this, we’re making every effort possible to be more active, more often.

The ASF is a Department of Education and Skills initiative supported by Healthy Ireland.

For more information on the Active School Flag or Active Schools Week please visit:


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13 - Stepping Stones

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22 - Just Dance

Fire Safety

Fire Safety 2

Fire Safety 1

Two members of the Fire Brigade in Athlone came out to visit our school to discuss the importance of Fire Safety with us. They thought us that there are a few simple things the adults at home can do to keep our families safe from fire.



We were told to advise our parents to view the Fire Safety Week website for more information.