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75” Clevertouch Plus

Our new 75” Clevertouch Plus interactive touchscreen display is an amazing addition to our school. This type of touchscreen display is far superior to the traditional projector-type interactive whiteboards that are used in most Irish classrooms.

This android device, with its stunning 4K Ultra HD display, is fully interactive and immediately captures the imagination and interest of every student. The simple user interface ensures that pupils of any age, most of whom are already so familiar with tablets and smartphones, can immediately engage with the Clevertouch Plus. With features such as full internet access, wireless projection, USB connection and 20-point touch, the educational opportunities are endless!

The Clevertouch Plus is built specifically for education and comes with full access to all the innovative software and educational apps available on the Cleverstore (the only cost-free and advert-free educational app store). The range of content and activities available covers all subject areas, for all age groups, and provides many exciting new opportunities for teaching and learning.

This interactive touchscreen is currently the pinnacle of the Clevertouch Plus Series, in both size and capabilities, which guarantees it will remain at the fore-front of educational technology for many years to come.








‘Someone Like Me’ Art Competition

We took part in the Someone Like Me Art Competition again this year. The competition is sponsored by the Department of Justice and Equality and is aimed at promoting positive attitudes towards disability in schools and celebrating individual difference. Drumraney N.S. is an inclusive school where the participation and opinions of all pupils are valued.
While completing the relevant lessons, the children discussed how we each have unique personality traits, qualities, strengths, limitations, interests and abilities and how we each have an equally valid and important contribution to make to our school and to the wider world.
The proud peacock loves to show off its beautiful array of elaborate feathers. We too, should be proud of each of our talents and should enjoy sharing them with others and using them to help and encourage one another.
Each child designed a selection of beautiful peacock feathers. Each feather represents a talent or virtue that they are particularly proud to possess. Like the peacock, Drumraney N.S. is very proud to show off the wide variety of talents and good qualities we see in the children every day. The combination of each of their individual talents really paints a pretty picture!

Someone Like Me 2017 - resized

Maths Week 2017

Maths Week Ireland took place between the 14th and 22nd of October 2017. It helps to promote awareness, appreciation and understanding of maths through a huge variety of events and activities. Here, the kids enjoyed lots of hands-on maths games and activities. For more information and ideas on how to make maths and problem solving more fun and relevant, visit the Maths Week Ireland website.

Maths Week Poster - Lower Classes

Maths Week Poster - Upper Classes

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